How To Quickly Remove Acrylic Nails

How To Quickly Remove Acrylic Nails

If you’re like most women, you probably have acrylic nails. But if you ever need to take them off quickly, you might have a hard time doing it. Here are three quick tips on how to remove acrylic nails quickly.


The Tools You’ll Need

  • Acrylic nails
  • Acetone
  • Piece of cloth
  • Hammer
  • Cloth Napkin
  • Steel Wool
  • Water

    Step 1: Remove the Acrylic Nails

    1. Begin by removing the acrylic nails from your fingers using acetone. Acetone is a solvent that will evaporate quickly and cause the nails to come off easily.

    2. Once the nails have been removed, place the cloth over the fingers and press down firmly to absorb any excess acetone. This will help preserve the nails.

    3. Hammer the nails gently off of the fingers using a steel wool pad. Be sure to avoid rubbing the skin raw.

    4. Finally, rinse off the fingers with water and dry off gently.

Soak Your Nails

If you have acrylic nails, you know that they can be hard to remove. Acrylic nails are hard because the nail is a plastic and metal mix. Acrylic nails take a long time to grow out, so you may have to soak your nails in acetone or alcohol for a few hours before you can remove them.

If you have lacquer nails, you can remove them in the same way. However, if you have natural nails, you will have to soak them in a solution of glycolic acid and water before you can remove them. Glycolic acid is a natural agent that can remove the lacquer.

Gently Scrape Off the Acrylic

If the acrylic nails are only slightly embedded in the skin, you can gently scrape them off with a fingernail or a razor blade. If the nails are heavily embedded, you can use a pumice stone or a metal file to gently remove them.

Buff Your Nails

Buffer your nails with a cotton ball. Gently buff them with a clean, dry cloth until the nail is smooth. Repeat on the opposite hand.

Moisturize Your Hands

Before you try to remove acrylic nails, you first need to protect your hands with a moisturizer. If your nails are dry, they’re going to be more difficult to remove.

Apply a Quality Acrylic Nail Removal Gel
There are many different types of acrylic nail removal gels on the market. Some are derived from lanolin, others are alcohol-free, and still others are based on acetone. Choose a gel that is specifically designed for acrylic nail removal.

Apply the Gel to the Nails
Apply a thin layer of gel to your nails. You don’t need to apply it to every nail. Just coat the tips of the nails with a small amount of gel.

Wait 10 Minutes
Wait 10 minutes before you try to remove your acrylic nails. This will allow the gel to work.

Apply a Soft Cushion
If you’re using a remover that contains a cushion, apply it to your nails before you start working. The cushion will help to prevent the gel from scratching your nails.

Remove the Nails
Use a remover to remove your acrylic nails. Begin by soaking the nails in the remover for a few minutes. Then use the remover to remove the nails gently. Be careful not to scratch your nails.


If you want to remove acrylic nails quickly and easily, you can use acetone. Simply soak your nails in acetone for a few minutes, then remove them with acetone-soaked cotton balls. Acetone is also effective at removing acrylic nails from hard, non-porous surfaces such as wood.

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