How To Remove A Fake Nail

How To Remove A Fake Nail

When you get a fake nail, it can be really frustrating. Here are some tips on how to remove a fake nail:


Step One: Gather Your Supplies

The first step to removing a fake nail is to gather your supplies. You will need:
-A file
-A solvent
-A nail polish remover
-A cotton ball
-An acetone-soaked cloth
-A file
-A nail polish
-A cotton ball
-An acetone-soaked cloth

Step Two Prep Your Nail

The next step is to prep your nail. You will need to file off any rough edges on the nail and smooth it out. Next, use the solvent to clean the nail and remove any dirt, polish, or grease. Make sure to dry the nail thoroughly before proceeding.

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Step Three Apply the Primer and Seal the Deal

Now it’s time to apply the primer. Apply a thin layer to the entire nail, making sure to cover the entire nail bed. Next, use the nail polish to seal the deal. Make sure to apply a thin coat so that the primer can fully set.

Step Four File and Polish Away

Next, use the file to smooth out the primer and nail polish. File until the nail is completely smooth and free of any blemishes. Finally, polish the nail to finish.

Step Two: Soak Your Nails

The first step in removing a fake nail is to soak your nails in a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide. This will loosen the glue that holds the fake nail in place and make it easier to remove.

Step Three Use A Remover

Once the fake nail is loose, use a remover to remove it. There are many types of removers available, so find one that is specifically designed for removing fake nails.

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Step Four Get The Fake Nail Out

Once the fake nail is removed, you will likely have some glue residue left on your nails. Apply a coat of clear nail polish to the affected area and let it dry. This will help disguise the fake nail removal and protect your nails from future fake nails.

Step Three: Apply Nail Polish Remover

Now that the fake nail is removed, the next step is to remove the nail polish. This can be done with a variety of techniques, but the most common is to use a nail polish remover. Some removers are specifically designed for removing nail polish, while others can be used to remove other types of skin products. Always test a small section of the nail to make sure the remover will work before using it on the entire nail.

Step Four: Gently Lift Fake Nail

Now that you have removed the fake nail, you must gently lift it off of your skin. This can be done by using your finger and gently pressing down on the fake nail, while pulling it off of your skin. Be careful not to pull too hard, as this could cause further damage to your skin.

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Step Five: Repeat As Needed

If the fake nail is not coming off with regular removals, you may need to remove it with a chemical peel. Follow the instructions that came with the chemical peel.

Bonus Tip: Moisturize Your Nails

If you have removed a fake nail and have some of the original nail still remaining, it is important to moisturize your nails to prevent them from becoming brittle and cracking. To moisturize your nails, you can use a lotion or cream specifically made for nails, or you can simply moisturize your hands with a moisturizer.


If you have ever had to remove a fake nail, you know that it can be a pain in the butt. Here are some tips on how to do it safely and easily:

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