How To Remove Cured Gel Nail Polish

How To Remove Cured Gel Nail Polish

Cured gel nail polish is a type of nail polish that is cured with a UV light. This type of polish is more durable than regular nail polish and can last up to two weeks without chipping. However, cured gel nail polish can be difficult to remove. Here are four tips on how to remove cured gel nail polish:

1. Use acetone or acetone-based polish removers. These removers are specifically designed to remove cured gel nail polish and will work quickly and easily.

2. Apply remover to a cotton ball and massage the polish off the nails.

3. Use a nail polish scraper to remove the polish from the nails.

4. Use a nail polish scra

5 Things You're Doing WRONG When Removing Gel Polish!

Removing cured gel nail polish is a tricky process. Follow these tips to get the job done right:

1. Start by soaking your nails in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes.

2. Apply acetone to a cotton ball and use it to remove the polish from around your nails.

3. Using a cotton ball, wipe off the acetone residue.

4. Apply a base coat of your choosing, wait 10 minutes, and then apply your gel nail polish.

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5. Wait 10 minutes, remove the gel nail polish with a remover, and then apply a top coat.

Soak Your Nails

To remove cured gel nail polish, you need to first soak your nails in a boiling water bath for two minutes. The boiling water will loosen the gel polish and cause it to chip and come off easier. After soaking your nails, use a nail polish remover to remove the polish.

Use A Nail File

  1. Start by filing your nails down to the quick.
  2. Pour acetone onto your nail file and use it to rub the polish off your nails.
  3. Immediately apply a new coat of clear nail polish to the nails.
  4. Repeat the process three more times until the cured gel nail polish has been completely removed.

Buff Your Nails

If you are like me and have a few bottles of cured gel nail polish laying around, you probably don’t want to just throw them away. After all, they are just nail polish.

There are a few different methods that you can use to remove cured gel nail polish. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1) Gel removal tools

One option is to use a gel removal tool. These are little devices that you place over your nails and use a scrubber to rub the polish off.


The gel removal tools are easy to use.

They are fast and efficient.

They work well with cured gel nail polish.

They are affordable.

They have a wide range of brands and types.


The gel removal tools can be difficult to use.

They can be messy.

They can be damaging to your nails.

2) Acetone

Another option is to use acetone. Acetone is a solvent that can dissolve cured gel nail polish.


Acetone is a fast and efficient way to remove cured gel nail polish.

It is affordable.

It is safe to use.

It is non-damaging to your nails.


Acetone can be difficult to use.

It can be damaging to

Apply A Nail Polish Remover

  1. Check the ingredients list on the nail polish remover to make sure it is safe for use on your nails.
  2. Wet your nails thoroughly before applying the remover.
  3. Apply the remover to the nails in a circular motion.
  4. Allow the remover to work its magic for a few minutes.
  5. Remove the remover with a cloth or dry fingers.
  6. Wash your hands thoroughly after removing the nail polish.

Wash Your Hands

Always ensure that you are properly washing your hands before and after any manicure or pedicure. This is especially important when dealing with cured gel nail polish because the chemicals used in the curing process can be harmful if not properly disposed of.

Prepare Your Tools
Before you start, make sure that you have all of the necessary tools ready. You will need a cotton ball, a remover and a solvent.

Wipe Off the Gel
Start by wiping off any excess gel polish with a cotton ball. Make sure to get down to the base of the nail and around the edges.

Using the Remover
Now it’s time to use the remover. Start by pouring a little bit of the solvent onto the cotton ball. Wipe it over the gel polish, making sure to get into the cracks and crevices.

Breaking the Cured Gel
The cured gel will start to break down once it is exposed to the solvent. This process will take a few minutes, so be patient.

Rinse Off the Nail
Once the gel has broken down, rinse it off with water. Make sure to get all of the solvent off of the nail.

Your Nails Are Now Clean
Your nails are now clean and ready to go!


If you want to remove cured gel nail polish, you will need acetone, a cotton ball, and some patience. First, soak the cotton ball in acetone and place it over the nail. Carefully remove the polish with the cotton ball, being sure to get into any cracks or crevices. Once the polish is removed, wash your hands and nails with soap and water.

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