How To Remove Gel Dip Nails At Home

How To Remove Gel Dip Nails At Home

Do you hate having gel nails? Gel nails are a popular trend right now, but they can be a pain to remove at home. This guide will show you how to remove gel nails at home using a few simple steps.


The tools you’ll need

-Nail Clippers
-Polish or Gel Removal Gel
-Nail Polish Remover
-Large Pot
-Small Pot
-Lint-Free Clothes Cloth

1. Make sure your nails are clean and dry.

2. Cut off the end of the nail using nail clippers.

3. Place the file against the end of the nail and gently file away at the tip.

4. Make a small hole in the center of the file.

5. Pour acetone into the small pot and place the nail file in the acetone.

6. Hold the nail file in place and let the acetone do its job.

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7. When the nail file is removed, the gel will be attached to it.

8. Pour the gel removal gel into the large pot.

9. Place the nail into the gel and let it sit for a few minutes.

10. Carefully remove the nail from the gel.

11. Rinse the nail with water and dry it off.

12. Apply a layer of polish over the gel-removed nail.

13. Let the polish set for a few minutes and then remove the polish.

14. Finish the look by filing the gel-removed nail to a

Prep your nails

  1. Make sure your nails are clean, dry and free of any oils or lotions.

    2. Apply a thin layer of clear nail varnish to each nail.

    3. Choose a gel dip that is designed for removal.

    4. Apply the gel dip to each nail, using a circular motion.

    5. Leave the gel dip on for two minutes.

    6. Remove the gel dip using a cotton bud or a nail file.

    7. Repeat the removal process until all the gel dip has been removed.

    8. Enjoy your new gel nails!

Soak in acetone

If you’re looking for a home remedy to remove gel nails, one option is to soak in acetone. Acetone is a common nail polish remover, and it can also work to remove gel nails. To do this, soak your nails in acetone for several minutes. Then, use a remover to remove the gel nails from your nails.

Gently pry off the gel

If the gel is very firmly adhered to the nail, you may need to use a file or a pumice stone to soften it up a bit before peeling it off.

Apply a gentle solvent, like acetone or alcohol, to the nail and scrub it with a cloth or a toothbrush

Allow the solvent to work its magic for a few minutes before rinsing off the gel with clean water

Repeat the process if necessary

Once the gel is off, you can apply a new coat of polish or seal the nail with a topcoat

Moisturize your nails

Using a moisturizer before you remove your gel nails can help keep your nails healthy and looking shiny. You can also soak your nails in warm water and mild soap for a few minutes before you take off your nails. Rinse off your nails and moisturize again if you feel the need.

Remove the gel nails

To remove your gel nails, start by soaking your fingers in warm water and mild soap. Gently scrub your nails with the soap and water, then rinse them off. Be sure to avoid getting the soap on your cuticles.

Apply light pressure when removing the gel nails. Try not to pull them off completely – you can later file them down to the desired length.

Apply a moisturizer

After removing your gel nails, be sure to apply a moisturizer to your hands and nails. This will help keep your nails healthy and looking shiny.


If you’re looking for a way to remove gel dip nails at home, there are a few different methods you can try. You can use acetone, which is a strong solvent, or you can use a nail polish remover that is specifically designed for gel dip nails. Either way, be sure to use caution and be sure to wear gloves and eye protection.

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