How To Remove Lily And Fox Nails

How To Remove Lily And Fox Nails

Lily and Fox nails are a popular nail design that is often seen on nail polish removers. However, these nails can be difficult to remove and can leave behind a residue. Here are five tips on how to remove lily and fox nails.

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How To Remove Lily And Fox Nails

Start with clean nails.
Soak a cotton ball in acetone.
Wrap your nails in foil.

With a file, remove the stained and damaged parts of your nails With a cuticle pusher, push back the cuticles and remove the nails Apply acetone to the nailbed and file Wrap the nails in foil and allow to dry
Remove the foil and reveal your healthy nails!

Gently remove the foil.
Use a nail file to remove any remaining residue.

Apply a top coat

Remove the foil gently. File off any residue. Apply a top coat.


If you have nails that are covered in lily or fox nails, there are a few steps you can take to remove them. First, soak your nails in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water for a few minutes. Second, use a pumice stone or a file to remove the surface layer of the nail. Finally, use a remover specifically designed for nails to remove the underlying layer.

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