How To Remove Uv Gel Nails

How To Remove Uv Gel Nails

UV gel nails can be a great way to add extra shine and color to your nails, but they can also be a pain to remove. Here are some tips on how to remove UV gel nails without damage or frustration!

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The Tools You’ll Need

  1. UV Gel Removal Gel

    2. Nail File

    3. Tweezers

    4. Cotton Balls

    5. Alcohol

    6. Soap

    7. Clean Towel

    Step One

    Remove any old nail polish or gel nail polish with a nail file. Be sure to file in a downward motion to avoid sharp edges.

    Step Two

    Grab a cotton ball. Wet it in alcohol and then squeeze out the excess. Rub the cotton ball over the filed area of the nail.

    Step Three

    Carefully remove the gel polish with tweezers. Make sure to grab onto the cotton ball as you remove it in order to avoid any mess.

    Step Four

    Rinse your nails with warm water and soap. Dry them off with a clean towel.

    Step Five

    Apply a new coat of nail polish or gel nail polish.

Soak Your Nails

The first and most important step is to soak your nails in a tub of warm water and a mild soap. This will loosen any built-up polish or gel, and it will also soften the nail. If you have acrylic nails, you will need to use a special remover to get the gel off.

Use a Toothbrush

The next step is to use a toothbrush to scrub the gel off the nails. Begin scrubbing from the center of the nail and work your way outwards. Don’t apply too much pressure; you just want to rub the gel off the nail.

Use a Chemical Remover

If you don’t have a toothbrush, you can use a chemical remover. Follow the instructions that come with the remover. Be careful to avoid the cuticle area, which is delicate and can easily be damaged.

Rinse and Dry Your Nails

Once the gel has been removed, rinse the nails with warm water and dry them off. Make sure that the nails are completely dry before applying any polish or topcoat.

Gently Scrape Off the Gel

To remove the gel nails, gently scrape off the gel using a small, sharp object. For extra delicate gel nails, it may be helpful to use acetone or ethyl acetate to dissolve the gel. Once the gel has been removed, your nails will be smooth and shiny.

Buff Your Nails

  1. Begin by cleaning the nails with a mild soap and water.

    2. Apply a thin layer of buffing cream to your nails, using circular strokes.

    3. Buff the cream off your nails using a clean, dry towel.

    4. Apply a second thin layer of buffing cream, and repeat the buffing process.

    5. Finish by applying a top coat of lacquer to your nails.

Apply Nail Oil

It is always best practice to oil your nails before applying any type of nail treatment. The oil will help to protect your nails from the UV light and provide a layer of protection against chipping.

Apply the oil generously to all of your nails and allow it to soak in for at least 30 minutes.

Wash your hands thoroughly before beginning the treatment.

Apply the UV gel to your nails and wait until it has fully dried.

Apply a topcoat of your chosen nail varnish.

Enjoy your new, UV-protected nails!


Your nails are one of your most visible features and should be taken care of to maintain their appearance. Here are three tips to help you remove uv gel nails:

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